Research Areas in Hearing4all 1.0

1. Research Areas:

coordinate research projects within the cluster. The scientific work is carried out in seven task groups.

Research Area A: Improving Diagnostics (Lenarz, Kollmeier)
· TG 1: Diagnostics (Klump, Majdani)
· TG 2: Audio Neuro Tech (Kral, Debener)
· TG 3: Functional Characterisation of the Individual (Thiel, Dengler)

Research Area B: Better Hearing Devices (Kollmeier, Ertmer)
· TG4: Algorithms for hearing instruments (Hohmann, Büchner)
· TG5: Personalising Hearing Devices (Büchner, Ruigendijk)

Research Area C: Assistive Technology (Doclo, Büchner)
· TG 6: Hearing support for the subclinical population (Doclo, Kollmeier)
· TG 7: Brain-computer interface for hearing devices (Debener, Dengler)

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