Check your hearing!

Hearing problems are widespread. With more than 15 million people affected, hearing loss has long been a widespread disease in Germany.  In many cases, the diagnosis is only made many years after the hearing loss has occurred.

As a result, those affected live for a long time with an impairment of their ability to communicate and are often unable to cope with the unfamiliar sounds of the normal acoustic environment when fitting a hearing system.

This hearing test (numerical triple test) offers a simple, anonymous and non-binding way to check the condition of your hearing. The screening procedure determines how well speech can be understood in noisy environments.

During the test you will hear multiple combinations of three digits spoken with background noise. Simply enter the three digits you have understood after each number combination using the number field on the screen.

Depending on your answers, this process will be repeated up to 30 times. Three digits are randomly reproduced in each presentation. The more often you repeat the numbers correctly, the quieter the language will be and the more difficult the test will be. After the test you will receive an assessment of how well you can understand speech in background noise and suggestions for further steps.

The procedure does not replace a medical diagnosis, but it does test your hearing in an everyday situation and can therefore give you an indication of what your hearing is like.
Important notes

  • Use headphones for the test if possible.
  • Your browser must support Java to run the test.
  • If you wear hearing aids, you should remove them for the test.
  • Set the audio output volume to a comfortable level.
  • Perform the test in a quiet environment.
  • Speech and noise will be heard in both ears.
  • A fast Internet connection is required for the test. If you hear short pauses in the sound output, your Internet connection is not fast enough.
  • The test is only meaningful if you perform it in your native language or if you speak or understand the language of the test very well.

Click here for the online hearing test!