Networking Day

We would like to invite all PhD students of the Joint Research Academy/Cluster of Excellence "Hearing4all", the PhD study programme "Neurosensory Science and Systems" (Graduate School Science, Medicine and Technology Oltech) and the Graduiertenkolleg "Molecular Basis of Sensory Biology" to our first Networking Day of Neurosciences.

As successful networking is gaining more and more importance in professional as well as private life we want you to learn to establish your own network as early as possible and to take advantage of it e.g. when you are looking for a job or later in your professional life.

There will be a presentation "Successful Networking" by a specialist, and afterwards the theoretical knowledge can be directly transferred in a "practical session" in relaxed atmosphere with your poster and a coffee. It's the aim of the event that you, PhD students from different fields of neuroscience, get to know each other better, learn about your colleagues, their projects and applied methods. Probably you will be able to establish your own small network and induce new projects or try to apply different methods soon.

We will be very happy to receive lots of poster submissions. It's absolutely ok to reuse old posters. The idea is networking not presenting latest results!

In the final session already successful young researchers will present their own way for you. 



1.30 pm   Welcome & Poster Hanging

1.45 pm   Presentation: Successful Networking

                                          (A. Schütte - Career Vision Europe)


2.45 pm   Active Networking with Poster & Coffee

3.45 pm   Examples for Successful Networking in Neuroscience

                  - Dr. S. Sulmann (Dep. Neuroscience, UOL)

                  - Dr. A. Warzybok (Dep. Medical Physics & Acoustics, UOL)

                  - Jun.-Prof. W. Nogueira(Auditory Prosthetic Group, MHH)

                  - Prof. Dr. M. Winklhofer (Sensory Biology of Animals, UOL)

5 pm         End



Please kindly register by submitting your

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to until 19 May 2017.



Dr. Petra Hülper, Scientific Coordinator of DFG Graduiertenkolleg 1885 "Molecular Basis of Sensory Biology"

Dr. Jacqueline Leßig-Owlanj, Scientific Coordinator and Project Manger PhD Study Programme "Neurosensory Science and Systems" (Graduate School Science, Medicine and Technology Oltech) as well as Joint Research Academy/Cluster of Excellence "hearing4all"