International Symposium 2020

5./6. November 2020

Venue:  Online

Contact person:  Hearing4all Headoffice, Johannes Vosskuhl, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Phone: +49 441 / 798-5498

Welcome to the international symposium "The Future of Hearing"

On the 5th and 6th of November 2020, the Cluster of Excellence Hearing4all hosted its annual symposium „The Future of Hearing“ as an online meeting.

Keynote talks as well as presentations of highlights from within Hearing4all were recorded and are available in video-format below until Nov.30th 2020:

The following videos are available password protected via a cloud-folder. The password is known to the registered participants of the symposium.

Link to the cloud-folder

Keynote Talks

  • Yeal Henkin

Lessons learned on the effects of increasing age and habilitated hearing loss on cortical binaural speech processing

  • Ian Bruce

Insights from computational physiological models into
optimizing hearing aid amplification

  • Emmanuel Mylanus

Variability in performance with cochlear implants in adults; our search for answers

  • Jens Benndorf

Flexible and high-level programmable System-on-Chip hearing aid design in 22nm FDX technology with a ultra-low power budget

 Highlight Talks

  • Go Ashida

Physiological modeling of binaural circuitry in the brain: simulating age-related changes and perception

  • Amarins Heeringa

Gerbil discrimination of speech-like sounds in behavior and auditory-nerve activity

  • Simon Doclo

Acoustic Transparency in Hearables - Technical an Perceptual Sound Quality Evaluation

  • David Hülsmeier

Auditory-model-based aided patientperformance prediction

  • Verena Scheper

Towards a gapless neuron electrode interface in cochlear implants

  • Sarah Blum

Online Artifact Correction in Android Brain-Computer Interface Applications

  • Marc-Nils Wahalla

CereBridge: An Efficient, FPGA-based Real-Time Processing Platform for True Mobile Brain-Computer Interface


The agenda of the symposium can be found here.

A detailed program can be found here.

Links to the teaser-videos of the posters can be found here.