Hearing4all Symposium

28./29. October 2019

Forum Niedersachen („Rotunde“), Medical Park Hannover, Feodor-Lynen-Str. 27, 30625 Hannover

Annika Buchholz
Medizinische Hochschule Hannover
Telefon: 0511 / 532-9151;
Email: buchholz.annika@mh-hannover.de

The two-day symposium will start on the 28th October2019

Hearing4all’s eighth International Symposium entitled "The Future of Hearing" will be taking place from Monday, October 28th to Tuesday, October 29th, at Hannover Medical School.

Among the top-class guest speakers are on Monday Prof. Ruth Litovsky (USA), Prof. Donata Oertel (USA), Prof. De Wet Swanepoel (South Africa), Nikolai Bisgaard (GN Hearing), and on Tuesday Prof. Gerry O’Donoghue (UK), Prof. Andrew King (UK), Prof. Alexander Huber (Switzerland), Prof. Sabine Langer (Germany) and Søren Riis (Oticon Medical).

In Germany alone, some 15 million people suffer from hearing impairments that extend to complete deafness. Despite the already high level of treatment opportinities, there is still a lot to be done so that the affected person can be helped individually. The more than 300 employees of the Cluster of Excellence from the various disciplines, locations and research sectors from basic, applied, clinical and industrial research have dedicated themselves to this task. Accordingly, the four Research Threads of the cluster will report on their current research activities at the congress.

The two-day symposium at the Medical University of Hanover will start with the welcome by the two H4a spokesmen Prof. Lenarz (Hannover) and Prof. Kollmeier (Oldenburg) at 9 am.

For further details see the agenda of the symposium.