Speech in Noise Workshop

5-6th January 2017
Universität Oldenburg
A14 (main auditorium building, "Hörsaalzentrum")
Uhlhornsweg 86
26129 Oldenburg

About the workshop

The 9th Speech in Noise (SpiN) Workshop will take place in Oldenburg, Germany, on 5 - 6th January, 2017.

The SpiN workshop is organized every year by a European research group within the speech and hearing community, and consists of two days of talks by invited speakers (PhD students, postdocs, and principal investigators, as well as a keynote lecture) and contributed poster presentations.

The aim of the meeting is to bring together young investigators and senior faculty from several European hearing-research groups to stimulate networking, discussion of research topics, and scientific collaboration in the field of speech and hearing research. The presented work is traditionally focused on speech-related topics, such as speech intelligibility and quality in adverse conditions, computational models of speech perception, speech production, speech synthesis, linguistic and cognitive aspects of speech communication, effects of hearing impairment on speech processing, etc.

For further information: http://spin2017.de