Mentoring Programme

Mentoring is an effective means of purposefully supporting young professionals and future executives: An experienced professional (mentor) informally shares knowledge with a less experienced person (mentee) and becomes a trusted adviser and role model during the mentee's professional identification process. Mentees specifically benefit by receiving advice on career planning and by developing personal qualities, as well as by gaining insight into structures in academia and industry, and access to professional networks.

The PROhear mentoring programme takes one year and addresses young scientists (sometimes offered exclusively for female participants), starting from the level of PhD candidates during the final year of their doctoral project. Mentees will actively look for a suitable mentor from their respective area of interest. Besides the periodic meetings with the mentor a professionally accompanied training programme with a focus on career strategies in science and industry will provide much sought-after guidance for the career.

We offer mentoring roughly every two years. Our latest mentoring programme was concluded in November 2018. Information on this and former programmes is provided here.


Additional service for junior scientists located at Oldenburg University is offered by the Graduate Academy Oldenburg (


For scientists located at Hannover Medical School (MHH) additional service provided by the Coordination Office for Equal Opportunities of the MHH ( is available.


Scientists located at Leibniz Universit├Ąt Hannover please follow the link to the offers of the Graduate Academy of Leibniz Universit├Ąt Hannover (