The Joint Research Academy (JRA) is a support structure dedicated to the career development of junior scientists (PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, junior group leaders and junior professors) within the Cluster of Excellence “Hearing4all”. It offers educational, organisational as well as financial support in order to develop young academics into comprehensively educated and independent members of the scientific community with excellent chances to a successful career in academia, industry, or elsewhere.


Career Development

Our support focuses on bolstering and expanding personal competence and providing guidance for a successful career.

  • Mentoring programmes for PhD students and young postdocs 
  • Individiual career coaching
  • Workshops on career-promoting skills (e.g.communicative skills, application training, pathway to professorship, leadership training)
  • Lab visits promoting networking and extending knowledge
  • Development of teaching skills (see offers of the Didactics, Oldenburg University)

Equal Opportunities and Family Support

The cluster of excellence aims at increasing the proportion of women in science. The JRA supports young female scientists for staying in science, but also assists them in embarking on a different career strategy if wanted. On behalf of reconciling an academic career with family life the JRA also offers access to individual solutions for child care as well as lab assistance in times of intense family commitment.