JRA events

Curriculum and courses of the PhD programme can be found here.

13 November 2018

Scientific English
Practical training of oral and poster presentations
(Scientific and Technical English Language Services)
1 - 4.30 pm
W30 3-324, NeSSy, Oldenburg University

15 November 2018

PROhear Mentoring Programme
Final Workshop "Creative and active networking strategies for finding a fitting job"
(Nadja Plothe - Training, Coaching and Moderation; Bremen)
9.15 am - 2 pm
W30 3-324, NeSSy, Oldenburg University

23 November 2018

Combined JRA Seminar "Hot Topics in Neurosensory Science and Systems"
Presentation of PhD projects by video conference:

Mariella Kessler (MHH): "Improved understanding of the pathophysiology and therapy of hearing impairment - functional and molecular diagnostics using emission tomography"

David Hülsmeier (UOL): "Towards predictions of individual benefits with real hearing aids"

10 am - 11 am
M20-01-1140, NIFE, Medical School Hannover
W30 0-033/34, NeSSy, Oldenburg University