The PhD programme "Auditory Sciences" (

offers an intensive training for young researchers who do their doctoral research in the Joint Research Academy of the Hearing4all Cluster.

Curriculum & Courses

Click here for the curriculum (released: 15.09.2017).

For registration please send an email to or to

Upcoming (block) courses are as follows (weekly courses can only be found in the link above):


  • 1.3 Sensory Neuroscience (Prof. Andrej Kral, MHH, Hannover)
    Date: 23.10. - 27.10.2017
    (MHH, NIFE)
    Registration until: 06.10.2017

  • 2.33 Combined Hot Topic Seminar (Web Conference) 

      Date: 19.01.2018, 10-11am
      (Campus Wechloy, UOL, W30-3-324, Oldenburg & MHH, Hannover)


  • 2.26 Psychophysics, Neurosensory Science and Auditory Signal Processing (Prof. Steven van de Par/ PD Dr. Stefan Uppenkamp/ Dr. Stephan Ewert/ Prof. Birger Kollmeier, UOL, Oldenburg)

      Date: 12. - 16.02.2018
      (Campus Wechloy, UOL, Oldenburg)
      Registration until: 15.12.2017