Career Development:
Our priority is the promotion of young scientists, their support in terms of personal competence strengthening and future career development. We provide mentoring and coaching programmes, training and workshops for all levels of young researchers starting at PhD student level, for postdoctoral fellows or scientists in their first group leading positions as senior research fellows and junior professors.

Equal Opportunities:
The cluster of excellence aims at increasing the number of women in science. Collaborations with gender commissioners and scientists specialised in the field guarantee the development of programmes matching with the needs of the specific target group.  By systematic monitoring of the equality-promoting measures an annual evaluation of gender equality improvement will be performed.

Family Support:
It is our mission to improve workplace practices that promote a healthy work and family balance. Therefore, we are continuously extending care services for the children of our employees. Our day care offers enable young families to organize their professional and private lives more flexibly. Here, our special concerns are individual and flexible solutions for parents with very small children willing to come back to work. 


Our support follows two major lines:

1. Career Development


2. Support for Scientists with Family